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This is mainly an EA-managed account. Sometimes I might close the current trades if I see too much volatility on the market, but usually, my expert advisor handles the stops. Also, I might open some trades myself if I see a trending movement going on and - again - with the stops managed by the EA. Basically, I will be trading the GBPUSD and EURGBP pairs for this account. As you can see, I try to keep it simple with not many pairs to handle at once.

Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
With Volatility Comes Responsibility
This week we had a lot of volatility, so we managed to give the followers some good profits. But you also have to check your trading volume because the greater volatility, the greater the risk. So I tuned my EA accordingly and restrained my trading volume. Always keep in mind that forex trading is risky so wherever I say here, follow me only with the money you DO NOT need to pay your bills.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Lazy Robot
We had some good movements in the markets during this week, but it was not enough to trigger my EA as I would like. So I managed to start some trades myself and we end up having some pretty good profits. But that's not the behavior I expect from my EAs, let us see what happens next. Keep in mind that if for any reason, I find troubled waters ahead I will not start any trade to keep our liquidity in safety mode
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Although trading with high volatility is risky we managed to be profitable, enjoy your profits but dont forget to maintain your account with leverage and balance enough to cope with drawdown because it is part of the game. Happy weekend.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
volatility Ahead
As we all probably know FEDwill talk this week so we are expecting some volatility in the market and I will tune my EA accordingly.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Rest at last
As the time I write these words I have no open trades in my account. Enjoy your weekend we will resume our trades shortly
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
About Profit Share
Hope you are enjoying your profits and remember my Profit Share is still low so spread the word about it thanks.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Hang On, It's Gonna Be a Little Bumpy
In the last weeks we had some ups and downs in the market, but finally, all went well for us and we made some good profits. Enjoy, but keep in mind that to keep profiting with a balanced risk you have to have a good amount of money in your account so as not to depend only on a high Leverage.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Think Like an Investor
I know you want some money right off your new forex account, but that's the way you probably going to destroy your account in a really short time. The dream of being rich with day trade becomes a nightmare for almost everyone who thinks that way. So you d better stick with the trader you chose and let the time be your friend and not your enemy
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Be Aware Of Your Leverage And Balance
Sometimes my expert advisor may open trades with higher size to compensate for losing trades already opened. Be aware of your leverage especially if you have an account with a low balance, just not to get your open trades closed unexpectedly because of low equity.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Look Before You Leap!
From my last post, we had some good trades although I might say my drawdown could be a little better, so dont forget to fill your account with enough money to stand any possible setbacks while we wait for markets to return to (our) green side. As I write this post I see that this week we have FOMC statements and economic projections so I am tunning my EA to lower the risk for the next trades, so don't expect any large profits for the rest of the week.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Tough Week And Lessons Learned
this week we had a pretty intense week. I had to accept some losses to keep my risk manageable, but even with this movement, we managed to keep our trades on the green side. Enjoy your profits, but be aware that this winning strategy comes with a higher risk, so only risk the money that you dont need in the short term
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
We have to know when to cut our losses.
This week I saw some pretty good moves on the forex market, but this time some of my trades were against the trend for far too long, so I had to stop and cut my risk. This is part of the game, as we get experienced we know how to do it, otherwise we might blow up an entire account. Still, this week is profitable so far.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Profit Share **must read**
A little chat about Profit Share. My behavior right now is to sustain a lower profit share as my account grows in terms of followers and balance. But, as I see from others traders, the avarege profit share is, give or take, 25% so as time goes by I will start to rise my profit to somewhere near this number. But, no worries, I will do this gradually so as not to grab you off guard.
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Max Drawdown
My strategy has, right now, a Max Drawdown of 17.50%. Although it could be much worse, I think it would be better to have a Max Drawdown of, give or take, 10%. That's my goal for the months ahead, but keep in mind that I have to lower my risk and probably my profit as well to keep my Drawdown under 10% in a certain amount of time
Fred Gomes
Dari Fred Gomes
Overall Return From Oct/20 to Jan/21
Since I started this account in oct/2020 I generated a return of more than 80%. I known this is incredibly well, but for the feasible future, I also acknowledged that I might adjust my risk level to the higher and higher amount of money that I trade every day. I think this is normal for any trader that takes risk and leverage as a serious business. So my monthly return might start to decrease as I tune my risk level and leverage to a more comfortable zone.
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